Biography and photograph of Erika Christie, Transmedia Content Creator and Writer, Photographer and Filmmaker

Fantastical and Experimental elements are at the heart of all of Erika's creations.

She flexes her muscles creating multimedia experiences as her early life in theatre instilled in her an intense understanding of how to weave words, music, actors, visual artwork, audience interactions, and storylines together to create memorable experiences.

She tends to focus on community building projects. Celebrating art and the lives of every day people to help build bridges and bring disparate groups together.

Empowering children. Empowering women. Empowering persons of color. Empowering.

Her writing, especially her stories in the Retrograde Nova Universe, is filled with scifi jargon and obtuse tv references and she is especially fond of unreliable narrators who tell their stories out of order and are prone to embellishment and obfuscation.

Much of it is NSFW. Probably NS in general.

Most recently she is world building epic stories across platforms while integrating virtual and augmented reality.  

"Human creativity leads to social cohesion as artists define our collective reality."

        ~ Erika



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