Take Point Now

  • Co-Crafted the Team Brand 

  • Directed Media Appearances

  • Website/Graphic Design

  • All Photography and Videos
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Created the Media Kit

Media Kit

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Erika has worked as the Media Director and Project Manager for Take Point Now where she has reveled in showcasing the teamwork and tenacious spirit of the Marine Corps veterans on her team and the inspiring community building effort they are spearheading for veterans and their families.

Full Production Videos

The team begins assembling the gear needed for a two day trip from Norfolk VA to Florida. 


We made it to Miami!!

We made it to Miami!!

Prepping gear in North Carolina.

Prepping gear in North Carolina.

Retrograde Nova

  • Creator and Head Writer 
  • Multiplatform Integration
  • Character and Logo Design
  • Artisti and Model Hiring
  • Generated Art Reference Materials
  • Website Design
  • Created and Co-Designed the Webcomic 
  • Produces 3 Podcasts

Webcomic Photo Reference


Erika is the Creator and Showrunner of Retrograde Nova, a new massive Science Fiction transmedia project. She wanted to design a project that would work across video, audio, photography, and comics because she knew that we all learn and consume stories in various ways and she wanted to seize the audience through all of their senses.

Podcast Production and Art Design


Head Writer on All Series


Preliminary Character Designs



Space Designs