Erika is a Podcast Producer, Editor, and Voice Actor.


You Are Here

Erika joined Season 2 of You Are Here Podcast as a Co-Writer. She loves writing with (the ultra snarky) Dan and the whole team on story lines, the crazy science, and unforgettable characters.

You Are Here is also the first Choose Your Own Sci-Fi audio drama. That's right, every handful of episodes, our audience gets to choose the next step for one of our characters. 

Tune in and vote!


Ultra Solar Tales

This is the first Audio Drama for Retrograde Nova, Erika's science fiction space opera.

Our hero, Titan, is lost in space and picked up by a group of aliens. She must fight, every moment, to breath, to eat, to protect her life, and to remain her very humanity.

Erika is the producer, voice actor, and writer.



Heavy WX Warrior

Erika is the producer and editor for the upcoming podcast for military veterans about leadership, living an extraordinary life, and tips on transitioning into the civilian world.

The host, PK Ewing, is a 20+ year Marine Corps veteran with years worth of leadership and operational culture experience. He will help you "take the future with force and purpose."

Erika is the producer, booker, and editor.

Echidna's House

Welcome to a world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy short stories by Darryl "Mac" McDonald and Erika Christie. Echidna's House is filled with tales of monsters and space ships . . . and everything in between. 

Erika is the Producer and Voice Actor for the series and she gives Mac most of his best ideas! Ha ha. Give us a listen if you enjoy creatures that go bump in the night.

Soundtrack Alley

Erika is the guest co-host of Soundtrack Alley with Randy Andrews where they talk about soundtracks and movie trivia for an assortment of popular and oddball movies over the last few decades, most often movies of the 80's and 90's.

Erika has a wonderful time getting the chance to talk about filmmaking, behind the scenes details, and the emotional response audiences (and she) have to musical scores.

The BEAT on Creation 

Erika interviews artists from film and photography on their triumphs, and failure, on media platforms and what types of artists should pursue which social media sites. 

Fashion, Sci-Fi, Designers, Actors, and Musicians . . everyone who works in film and supports filmmakers give their best advice.

Erika produces, writes, and edits the show.