What is TUNC?

What is TUNC?

That was the question I had in mind when I went out with JesXDav to shoot her in her fashion line. Punk and grunge are two of the words she uses to most to describe her style.

She loves, black, metal, safety pins, rips, and speaking her mind. There's not much that I like more than wearing back with metal.

I was hooked instantly.


I had a wonderful time choosing different backgrounds for each of her costume changes. I wanted to make sure I had a mix of closeups, wide and full body shots. I wanted to make sure hte clothing stood out in every shot. And I wanted Jes to look like a badass . . . because she is!!

Hope you enjoy what we captured together!

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Erika Christie

Erika is a multimedia creator whose passion lies in Writing, Photography, and Filmmaking. Her early experiences in theatre gave her an intense understanding of how words, music, actors, visual artwork, and storylines work together to create unforgettable experiences.

Her work as a creative director sees her traveling between NYC, Washington DC, and Atlanta. Her background teaching story development and filmmaking inform heritability to shape and strategize content to create the strongest audience experiences.  

She has been working in the transmedia world since before it was even a word. And, more recently, she has been interviewing and cultivating information from leading artists in fields such as virtual and augmented reality, music in the digital age, content distribution, game development, and world building across platforms. 

"Human creativity leads to social cohesion as artists define our collective reality."