My Time at BlerDCon


It was BlerDCon's first year and I didn't know what to expect.

Little did I know that it would be one of the most fun events I've ever been to. After attending cons in NYC (New York Comic Con), in Wasington DC (AwesomeCon, WEX), Harlem (Schomburgh Comics),  Atlanta (Treklanta), and more places that I can count I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be surprised . . . but I was.

It was the most friendly and inclusive event I've ever attended. I saw few growing pains for a few time con (though I knew they were there) and every person I brought to the Con throught it was amazing as well.


I spent the entire three days taking photographs, making videos, and doing interviews. I sought out everyone I could find for photos, especially cosplayers. For interviews I focused on authors and comic book artists . . because they're cool.

This was the first Con for my friend Darrell and he reminds me all the time about how much he owes me for introducing him to BlerDCon. You'll see him in a few of my videos below.

BlerDCon will come around again next summer. Get your tickets as soon as you can!!!

A few of my videos from the Con.


Erika Christie

Erika is a multimedia creator whose passion lies in Writing, Photography, and Filmmaking. Her early experiences in theatre gave her an intense understanding of how words, music, actors, visual artwork, and storylines work together to create unforgettable experiences.

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She has been working in the transmedia world since before it was even a word. And, more recently, she has been interviewing and cultivating information from leading artists in fields such as virtual and augmented reality, music in the digital age, content distribution, game development, and world building across platforms. 

"Human creativity leads to social cohesion as artists define our collective reality."